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I'm Caroline Sandsbråten, a PhD. student at NTNU, and part of the NTNU Applied Cryptology Lab research group. I am working in post-quantum cryptography with a focus on lattice-based cryptography. I am supervised by main supervisor Assoc. Prof. Tjerand Silde, and co-supervisor Prof. Danilo Gligoroski.

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About Me

I am a PhD student currently living in Trondheim, Norway. I have been living here since autumn 2015. I started my academic journey studying physics, before quickly switching majors to informatics and later to communication technology and information security, writing my Msc. thesis on practical attacks on ECDSA. I am now a PhD student. :)

In my time in Trondheim I have been an active volunteer at Studentersamfundet, being involved in Fotogjengen since 2017, and ITK since 2023. I enjoy hiking, World of Warcraft, and programming useless hobby projects.