💖 Abuse-Resistant Location Tracking: Balancing Privacy and Safety in the Offline Finding Ecosystem

Presentation for PETs Seminar, Spring 2024 29/01-2024.

Paper by: Grabielle Beck, Harry Eldridge, Matthew Green, Nadia Heninger and Abhishek Jain.

💖 Prio: Private, Robust, and Scalable Computation of Aggregate Statistics

Presentation for PETs Seminar, Autumn 2023 24/11-2023.

Paper by: Henry Corrigan-Gibbs and Dan Boneh

💖 Concrete NTRU Security and Advances in Practical Lattice-Based Electronic Voting

Presentation for NaCl Research group, NTNU, Autumn 2023 08/11-2023.

💖 Anonymous Credentials Light

Presentation for PETs Seminar, Autumn 2023 03/10-2023.

Paper by: Foteini Baldimtsi and Anna Lysyanskaya.

💖 Life as a PhD. Student

Talk at IIK Snacks and Science, Autumn 2023, 29/09-2023.


💖 TTM4205 - Secure Cryptographic Implementations, Randomness in Elliptic Curve Cryptography

Lecture 2 about randomness in TTM4205 Autumn 2023, NTNU.

💖 TTM4137 - Wireless Network Security, WEP/WPA

Lecture 3 of TTM4137 Autumn 2023, NTNU.